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No matter what your age, a will is not something most people like to think about but they are always necessary. Wills ensure your wishes are carried out once you are no longer able to speak for yourself. Wills can keep family safe from power plays and fights over money. They can protect spouses, trusts and co-owned assets from being tied up for long periods in probate or being taken over by the state.


Nobody wants to think about the worst while preparing for the best – but pre-nuptials can protect both party’s pre-existing assets and can help ensure both parties know the expectations right from the start. In marriages between established couples, couples with pre-existing children and same sex couples, many things need to be considered. A pre-nuptial may be the right choice.Flavor text describing service

Marriage Dissolution

Not all marriages will end in success. In certain circumstances, a dissolution is more appropriate than a divorce. We can help you understand the difference and prepare you to make the best decision for your

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Establishing estates can allow families financial stability and security. Trusts are often a great way to minimize taxes when a family member dies as well as distribute wealth in an organized way among family members.

Paternity & Child Custody

Children are often the unwitting victims of divorce, and custody battles. WFL prides themselves in putting children first and negotiating solutions that keep children safe and minimally disrupt their lives whenever possible.

Protection Orders Against Domestic Violence

One of the worst betrayals in a relationship is violence. WFL is dedicated to protecting those who may have difficulty protecting themselves. By working with the court system, we can create a barrier between a violence and your personal security.

Name Changes

People have many reasons for changing their names. No matter what your reasons, WFL is prepared to help you with all aspects of this process and make sure all your family documents are updated accordingly.


Finding the right person to properly care for your children is one of our primary concerns. Finding the right family member or friend to provide safety and stability to your children when circumstances require is our upmost priority.


Families are ever changing and complex. Whether we are dissolving the ties between a parent and child or we are helping make your family’s ties official legally, we are here to provide sound legal counsel and assistance.


Financial instability happens to the best of us. Sometimes the best solution is bankruptcy. WFL is here to help you navigate the best way to protect your assets and get the fresh start from debt that bankruptcy can provide.

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