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A safe place where those struggling with questions related to family law issues can find answers to the most difficult legal questions.

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Wilson Family Law loves that no two families look alike. Whether your family is a mother, father and children, a combination of multiple families or a GLBTQ2A+ family with adopted children, we are prepared to help your family with all of its family law concerns. We are a welcoming, respectful resource that puts children first and we understand how to provide stability and solutions at every step of your family’s journey.

The professional’s choice for all your family needs. From preparing trusts and wills to divorces and child custody matters.

Company Pillars


We provide professional, compassionate representation, at reasonable fees. We work with clients to understand their needs and how to best represent their family’s interests. Whether their needs be pre-nuptial agreement, establishing a trust, a divorce. We are prepared to litigate the matter and have years of litigation knowledge. Anthony Wilson has experience as both as a Marine Judge Advocate and longtime attorney here in Oregon.


When money gets involved, personalities change. By establishing wills, trusts and pre-nuptial contracts, we help aleviate this added strain on family relations. For many clients, divorce can make their world feel like it has just come apart. Financial concerns, anxiety over the health and well-being of children, even the loss of friends and family members are all part of the divorce picture. It is our job to help people through the this process. WFL also cares deeply about children. We work hard to help parents do right by their children through establishing wills, trusts, and by working hard to negotiate parental custody solutions that are best for your children.


We understand that divorces are devastating to a family. We know that financial matters or the death of family members can be traumatic. We see clients wanting a dignified parting of ways to those in fear of their safety and/or being abused. Our goal is to provide a safe place to find resolutions for all of you and your family’s legal challenges and concerns.


In twelve years of representing clients in divorce cases, we have learned that no two divorces are exactly alike. Clients often ask about the cost of the divorce and the length of time it will take. We do everything to move the process along smoothly and quickly, but never at the expense of making sound legal decisions.

Meet Tony


Since opening my law practice in 2006, I have provided the services larger firms offer but with the personal attention of an independent practitioner. I offer a place where those struggling with questions related to family law issues van find answers to the most difficult legal questions. My clients get the answers they need to navigate what can be difficult and confusing times. Since my admission to the bar in 1998, I have worked with clients to get the results they desire. If you are searching for a confident, decisive divorce or family law attorney, at a fee that won’t destroy your budget, Anthony H.B. Wilson is here for you.